May 2002

Deadsy or Alive

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for a new band called Deadsy. It should be enough that this stylish metal band has recently been signed to Korn's own Elementree Records, and that the group's debut single, The Key To Gramercy Park features none-other than Korn's Jonathan Davis as guest vocalist. But perhaps even more fascinating is the fact that the band's frontman, P. Exeter Blue I, is actually Elijah Blue Allman, the son of legendary rocker Greg Allman and pop diva Cher. How does being the offspring of two high-profile performers impact Mr. I's life? Perhaps not as much as you'd think.

"I came from a privileged background," he said. "I understand that, and I imagine it did have an impact on me. In a way, this band's concept plays off of that, being something of a 'perversion of privilege.'"