April 2000

THEY ARE: P Exeter Blue (vocals, guitar), Dr Nner (keyboards), Carlton Megalodon ('Z-tar'), Alec Pure (drums), The Beast Craig (bass)

FROM:  Los Angeles, California

THEY SOUND LIKE: 1980's synth-pop-goth being molested by Floridian death metal.

THEY LOOK LIKE: Insane scientists with the keys to their mothers make-up cabinets.

THE LOWDOWN: Dropped by Warners last year just prior to the release of their 2nd album, 'Commencement', Deadsy recently signed to Korn’s elementree label, who will now put out the album. Leader P Exeter Blue - aka Elijah Blue Allman - plans to have death metal overlord Scott Burns remix some trax for this release, and may include new songs specially recorded with Burns.

THEY SAY: "With Scott's help its gonna be way more super-radical,” exults Blue. "I think that there’s a real kindred spirit between our band and the Tampa bands like Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. I think that Deadsy will be the trojan horse of death metal – we’re going to bring it to the masses because we have that goth and bubblegum element to our music."

INTERNET ADDRESS: www.deadsy.net

NEXT MOVE: 'Commencement' will finally be released this summer. "With Korn in our corner," beams Blue, "I think everything's going to be handled to our satisfaction"