July 1999

They're on the Chamber LP. But who do Deadsy think they are?

Deadsy are the brainchild of Elijah Blue, son of pop queen Cher. Their debut LP 'Commencement' is due for a US release in September. Taking its cues from '80s synth-heads like Gary Numan, in Blue’s own words it is "a huge beast with gigantic guitars".

Just don't compare Blue's work to Orgy. "Their singer Jay Gordon is my old bass player," he claims. "We kicked him out. He tries to sing like me, but those guys are all 35. We're 22, with an obnoxious school boy element."

What does Blue's famous Ma think of Deadsy? "She's into it. I don't think she understands it that much, but she can get sonic appeasement."

'Commencement' presently has no UK release date. The band’s website (www.deadsy.com) features only a photo of a corpse accompanied by the slogan 'Renn Is Dead'. Could Stimpy be next?