April 1998

WHO? Elijah Blue, twenty-one year old frontman in Deadsy, a synth-driven Goth-rock band whose debut, Commencement, comes out this summer. LINEAGE: Elijah’s father is Allman Brother Gregg Allman, whose most recent record, Searching for Simplicity, came out late last year. His mother is Cher. FAMILY VALUES: “I don’t think my music has anything to do with either of them, and any intelligent person will realize that. The funny thing is the press. There have been enough Jakob Dylans and Julian Lennons that it’s just a copy of the same old story, grew up, famous parents, went to prep school, left – great. It’s like, who gives a fuck!” LIFE WITH MOTHER: “I got the record deal, frankly, ‘cause I got kicked out of my mom’s house and needed money – and I knew I could do it.”