August 21-27, 1999

Elijah Blue Allman, 23-year-old son of Cher and her second husband, rock giant Gregg Allman, head the death-metal group Deadsy (its first CD, Commencement, will be released next month on Sire Records, a division of his mom's label, Warner Bros.). "As a kid," says Allman, "I used to get swarmed at the airport, and it was annoying. I'm not into my mom's whole fame thing. I don't ever want to be, like, crazy famous. I want my band to be ridiculously big, but I don't want to be an icon." But does he want to be a dad? In response to Cher's rabid desire to have a grandchild, Allman says: "Uh...that's the last thing I'm thinking about right now. Why don't you get back to me in, like...nine years?"